How is a Tenant Screened to Rent my Property?

All property management companies operate differently. At Penner Property Management, we run an extensive background check. Unforeseen life circumstances, such as a loss of a job or an accident, can happen to anyone. Nobody can predict that. That being said, we can predict someone’s fiscal responsibility based off past payment patterns. We run a credit report through all three bureaus, eviction history report, criminal background checks, verify income, as well as confirm their rental or mortgage history. Employing such a thorough screening has proven to result in lower eviction rates.

As a property management company, our duty is to serve you, the owner / landlord. We know that you depend on us to provide you with responsible tenants in order for you to make a good return on your property. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to find tenants who are cooperative, accountable, suit your needs-- and continue to do so even after they have moved in.

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