Show Me The Money

Investments are all about making money, but in order to do so, you first have to spend it. So how do you make sure that you’ll make your money back on an investment, before signing the check? It helps to calculate your return on investment and your capitalization rate on a property. A return on […]

What is Your Experience in Property Management?

Teresa Penner, the owner of Penner Property Management, gained her Real Estate license in 1999 from Las Vegas, Nevada. She had managed over 250 single family homes from investors ranging in one property, to multiple properties. Developing systems was paramount to her growth and love for the business. Penner quickly learned that she managed the […]

How is a Tenant Screened to Rent my Property?

All property management companies operate differently. At Penner Property Management, we run an extensive background check. Unforeseen life circumstances, such as a loss of a job or an accident, can happen to anyone. Nobody can predict that. That being said, we can predict someone’s fiscal responsibility based off past payment patterns. We run a credit […]

Do You Charge for Property Walkthroughs?

A property walkthrough is absolutely necessary in order to efficiently provide full service management. Because of this, Penner Property Management does not charge for walkthroughs or lease renewals. It is important to note that a walkthrough is merely an observation through the interior to verify that the tenants are upholding the terms of the lease […]