Do You Charge for Property Walkthroughs?

A property walkthrough is absolutely necessary in order to efficiently provide full service management. Because of this, Penner Property Management does not charge for walkthroughs or lease renewals. It is important to note that a walkthrough is merely an observation through the interior to verify that the tenants are upholding the terms of the lease in caring for your investment. It does not guarantee that the tenants will not cause damage to the property. If they are in breach of their contract, they are subject to be served a notice to comply or else they will receive a notice to vacate out of default.

A walkthrough does not include an actual property inspection or guarantee that the tenants will not damage the property at a later date. An inspection would be an additional cost for you, the owner. Penner Property Management is connected to many different vendors and would love to refer you to one of our trusted inspectors.

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