What Items Does a Landlord Repair?

Landlords typically address items needed to maintain the properties safety and habitability. We do, however, advise that tenants report all items even if they are cosmetic. The landlord will use their own discretion to decide whether to perform cosmetic repairs or not. They are required by law to make certain repairs that fall under the safety and habitability guidelines.

As a reminder, all maintenance requests are to be reported to the property management company, not the landlord. The management company issues the work order request to the vendors once a repair has been approved. Most management companies hold the tenant responsible for repairs if the cost of repair falls below a certain amount. At Penner Property Management, our lease deems the tenant
responsible for all repairs under $100. The owner covers repairs exceeding that amount, so long as the problem is not result of tenant neglect. In that case, the tenant would be responsible to pay for the repair entirely, regardless of cost.

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